About CreativelyCode

Welcome to our world

Hi, I'm Joe, the founder of CreativelyCode.

My aim is to build this site into a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to help launch new careers in information technology.

I have set this blog up because technology is not just my job - it's a passion.

Ever since I've been a child, I would always try to understand the "why?" and "how?" of the world around me. Nevertheless, that didn't correlate to understanding what I wanted to do when I grew up, it only complicated it.

My future path into coding wasn't exactly straightforward and I didn't start learning to code until I had already established a career in a different industry.

My journey since has unlocked countless new opportunities and experiences, I'm now a globe-trotting, technology consultant currently living in France.

If you're thinking of learning to code, my content's here to give you a lending hand from your first steps into becoming a full-fledged developer.

It really doesn't matter who you are or how you got to this point, what matters is how you take it from here. It may even open up new opportunities and transform your life.

What we write about

Learn Code

Articles that help you take your first steps in this huge universe, from choosing the right programming language to landing your first software development job.

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Explore not code itself but its effect on the coder. Philosophy, self-mastery and big ideas to work Better - Live Better

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A combination of interactive tutorials and online courses covering a variety of coding languages and technical skills.

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Short code solutions and resources at hand to quickly overcome the bugs that keep you up at night.

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Our Journey

  1. www.CreativelyCode.com was born and the domain registered. Joe started developing the site shortly afterwards.
  2. Our first post was published.
  3. We reached 1000 monthly visitors!
  4. 10,000 monthly users
  5. 100 published posts.
  6. The launch of our YouTube channel.