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Starting out

Total Beginners Guide To Becoming A Web Developer

Becoming a web developer requires a combination of education and other learned skills. There are also some character traits I believe you need to have (but which can be learned, over time). This article will cover the ends and outs of this career choice to help you make a decision on whether becoming a developer is right for you.


Popular Online Resources For Learning To Code For Free

Even if you did not learn how to code in college, don’t fret. There’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on coding lessons. There are plenty of resources at your fingertips which will allow you to learn to code for free. Here, we will cover some of the most popular options to learn how to code for free.


Are you too old to learn to code in your 30s?

You can learn to code after the age of 30 and there are many successful examples. Although it won’t be without its challenges as learning to code is challenging at any age. Successfully learning to code as an older learner means overcoming the additional responsibilities that a younger learner might not have.


Working as a Software Developer [Complete Guide]

Software developers are currently in high demand, as they can compete in the job market ofin almost any industry and are paid a decent salary for their work. In addition, software development is considered one of the fastest growing careers in the IT industry and has been ranked as the second best job in recent years.


How I learnt to code AND stay in full time employment

Is it really possible to go from considering coding to be an interest of yours to being employed as a software developer, having completely self-learnt programming? Or, maybe you have been tickling the idea of becoming a software developer while already employed full-time but are not in a position to afford the time and the money to invest in a formal education. In this article, we will discuss how you can make this a reality.


Is learning to code hard? Yes it is (sometimes)

Ditched the stereotypes!

When someone says the word ‘coding’, what comes to mind? A bunch of 1’s and 0’s? Complicated commands? Unreadable data that takes up the entire screen like in the Matrix? That’s the conclusion a lot of people jump to - something that's just complicated and out of reach for them.

But if you’re already here and reading this blog post, then you’re already on your way to learning a simple fact: coding isn’t as hard as sometimes others make it out to be!